stable complex

Horse walker

The rolling hills and large open paddocks of Castlebar provide the perfect breeding and training environment for the tough, sound and temperamentally well-balanced endurance athletes that we produce.

New stables at Castlebar


Quarantine facilities for the UAE now approved at Castlebar. We have the facility to Quarantine 19 horses in the one stable block to meet the stringent requirements currently imposed by AQUIS and the UAE. Contact us for details.

Horses can be individually stabled to fit their requirements. Castlebar have large stables (5m x 5m and Extra large 5m x 10m).

Stallion Yards
Individual steel railed yards with stables. Spacious outdoor areas. 

Ranging from 2 acres to 150 acres providing a safe and comfortable environment.

2x 10 horse exercise machine for training and fitness.

Sand arena with rails for training and education.

Breeding Facilities – vet room etc.
Safety approved crush for scanning,  AI & ET. Well equipped Vet room with laser, massage machines and AI and ET equipment.  

Professional services of Berragoon Equine Articial Breeders and Equine Artificial Breeding Services at call.  

Forest Trails
We have unlimited trail access to Mount Lawson State Park with many kilometres of safe open trails over a variety of terrain.

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