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AF 1998
Sire - Poldark
Dam - Allira Park Fantasy Lane

Dam of:

Castlebar Moonlight - Individual silver & team Bronze for Australia in the 2011 Young Riders World Championships, Abu Dhabi. Many wins in Australia over 80 to 160km races.

Castlebar Lightning - successfully competing in Europe & UAE.

AF 1928
Sire – Talquah Talik
Dam – Chatter On
Ride Record - Click Here

FEI No 1 ranked Endurance horse in the World (1999) winner of many 80 to 120km races. Placed individual 5th at the European Championships – 160km in 1999. 3,693km of successful Endurance. Dam of six:

Castlebar Guardian & Castlebar Gameboy born in 2008 have started their endurance careers in 2013 completing 3 x 40km rides.


China Doll

Sire - Chalani Pacesetter
Dam - Warrondi Pearl
Ride Record - Click Here

Winner of many rides ranging from 80-160km,also the winner, BC & awarded the Pat Slater Cup of the 2008 Tom Quilty 160km Gold Cup - Australian National Championships. Completed over 3,000km of successful Endurance competitions. Completed 8 one day160km rides, won 4. Placed 4th at the 2005 Open European Championships, Compiegne, France. An exceptional mare.
Dam of four:
Castlebar Coyote - exp UAE and competing successfully
Castlebar Contraband - in 2013 - 3rd Open at both Cedar Ridge FEI 2* & Red Range 2*, March 2014 - =1st MWT & BC at Landsborough 80km.
Castlebar Cougar (2009 Gelding by Castlebar Gulfstream) Castlebar Cossack (2010 Gelding by KPK Blue)

F 29507
Sire - Straight Up
Dam - Wagga Belmay

Winner of the Cedar Ridge FEI 2* in April 2011, with many other successful completions over her career before joining the brood mare band.
Dam of three:
Castlebar Baik - born 2008 and will start his career soon
Castlebar Boutique - born in 2012 her sire is the world renowned Chip Chase Sadaqa (dec) and un named filly born in 2013 by Castlebar Gulfstream.

AF 3405

Sire - Castlebar Khalifa

Dam - Castlebar Tradition

Winner of many rides ranging from 80-160km with numerus Best Conditioned awards.

Competed in the UAE - Abu Dhabi, Presidents Cup 160km - coming 19th Open.

F 27414

Sire - Castlebar Khalifa

Dam - Lynbrook Tamsin

Completed 3 Open rides before injury put her into the brood mare band. 4th Open & BC at Cedar Ridge FEI 2* in November 2010.

This is her first foal -a lovely colt in 2013 by
Castlebar Gulfstream
- exp. - refer reference stallions

PF 28867

Sire - Straight Up

Dam - Warrondi Natasha

Half sister to Castlebar Doolittle who completed many rides including 4th Open, Kalbar State Champs 160km FEI 3* 2010, 3rd MWT NSW State Champs 160km 2010, 1st LWT VIC State Champs 160km 2011.

Has had three foals to date, all currently young stock.

One of the few mares we have by Straight Up.

AF 3704

Sire - Aloha Yukon

Dam - Kelkette Park Nazira

Completed many rides including the 2011 The Tom Quilty in SA - 17th MWT.

Her dam Kelkette Park Nazira - see below in reference mares. This is her first foal in 2013 by Castlebar Gulfstream, a bay colt.



AF 3939

Sire - Aloha Yukon

Dam - Franklin Rajul

Half sister in blood to the three following horses:

1. Crystal Flyer - Winner of The 2000 Tom Quilty. numerous other wins over varying distances. Sold to HH. Sh. Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, competed very successfully in the UAE.

2. Kurrajong Concorde (YAMAMAH) - an exceptional mare. Winner of the 2013 Open European Championships, 17.5 minutes in front of the 2nd place horse. 7th Open 2013 Presidents Cup Abu Dhabi 160km in 6hrs 21min, Individual Silver & Team Gold for the UAE in the 2012 World. Championships, Euston Park UK 160km in 7hrs. Also the Winner of The 2011 Tom Quilty, and awarded the Pat Slater Cup plus winner and BC of numerus amount of rides in Australia ranging from 80-160km.

3. Castlebar Gulfstream - 6th MWT & 9th overall, awarded the Pat Slater Cup at The 2012 Tom Quilty, Tasmania.

Exp UAE - Feb 2014, 100km Ladies Race, 2nd Open - 3hrs 18min

Her first foal born in 2012 Castlebar Roulette is by the well known Chip Chase Sadaqa this makes him a 3/4 sister to the above horses.

F 24609

Sire - Tribal

Dam - Wagga Belmay

Her dam Wagga Belmay - was one of the foundation mares at Castlebar.

Her sire Tribal - was also the sire of Castlebar Treaty - who was individual 4th in the 2002 Endurance World Championships, Jerez, Spain ridden by Meg.

Dam of five:

Castlebar Tailwind - competed successfully for us before export to the UAE - Jan 2014, 80km 1* 4hrs 04min.

Castlebar Truffle - competing successfully for Castlebar.

The other three are young stock.

PF 27168

Sire - Tribal

Dam - Merton Limelight (Sheila)

Competed 2 Open Rides before injury sent her to the brood mare band. We had high expectations as she won Bright 80km & BC in 2002 in 4hrs 45min, her first ride out of Novice.

Dam of Castlebar Tomcat, Castlebar Tsunami - exp, Castlebar Tolkien - sold domestically and competing.

By our wonderful stallion TRIBAL who passed away well before his time was due.



F 29735

Sire-Kevisan Park Kentucky Blue

Dam - Lynbrook Tamsin

Half sister to Castlebar Treaty - 4th in the 2002 World Championships, Jerez, Spain, his first 160km. His total heart rate recovery time for the ride was 7 minutes.

Her dam Lynbrook Tamsin is also the dam of Castlebar Truman, Castlebar Topaz - exported and competing with success in Europe and the UAE & the recently exported Castlebar Tempest - 2012 Tom Quilty, Tasmania 6th overall and 2nd LWT, Exp UAE -Dec 2013, Dubai 120km 2* - 7hrs 22min.

Due to a paddock injury Castlebar Turquoise is now in the brood mare band.

Her first foal born in 2013 is by Castlebar Gulfstream (exp) - refer reference stallions is a colt.

F 18078
Sire – Chip Chase Sadaqa
Dam – Franklin Nadezhda
Ride Record - Click Here

Completed 4,020 km in competition with many wins over 80 to 160km. Won 3 x 160km and 2nd twice. An exceptional Endurance mare, now retired and part of the brood mare band.

Meg rode her in England in the Tattersalls ride for 4th place.

Dam of six:

Castlebar Scorpian - only started his career lately but has already done 1 x 20km, 2 x 40km & 2 x 80km.

Four progeny are still young stock and unbroken.

Sire – Khaznah
Dam – Kadisha Sophie
Ride Record - Click Here

Completed 4,284km of Endurance competition. Prolific winner including team gold Young Riders Championships – Bahrain 2005. Dam of three:
Castlebar Stealth - exported to Argentina who has started his endurance career there in 2013.
In March 2014 she had a bay colt by Kevisan Park Kentucky Blue

Horses with a history
Brand with a background

F 18124
Sire – Arkab Mahran
Dam – Wagga Belmay
Ride Record - Click Here

Successful Endurance horse completing 665km. Placed over 80km’s.
Dam of the following:

1. Castlebar Blue Jeans - has now completed an open ride at Cedar Ridge FEI 1* - 10th Open. 

2. Castlebar Sheko - Yellow Log book horse, competing in Aus.


AF 2166
Sire – Seraja
Dam – Quillionaire
Ride Record - Click Here

Castlebar Tradition (deceased 2011) winner over 80 to 160km Endurance rides. The only remaining mare that’s dam line traces to the original Castlebar mare Lady Quillo.

Dam of the following:
1. Castlebar Kalahari winner of 7 rides in 2008, 19th in the Presidents Cup - Abu Dhabi in 2009, =1st MWT Toongabbie 100km Aug 2009, 1st Open - Upper Murray FEI 1* Dec 2009. 2nd Open/FEI 160km Kalbar QLD - 2010.

2. Castlebar Tornedo - completed 5 open rides in 2009 alone ranging from 80km - 120km, exported in 2010. Winner of the 120km ride in Euston Park in the UK (July 2010) in a time of 5hrs 15min 35sec (23km/hr).

Sire – Arabian Park Egyptian Prince
Dam - Orionette

Dam of Provocative, winner of the 2001 Tom Quilty 160km and the 2001 Open European Championships in Italy.

F 7513
Sire – Rainbow
Dam – Razali

Dam of the following:

1. Crystal Flyer (YAMAMA) - winner of The 2000 Tom Quilty Gold Cup (Australian National Championships), also a winner in UAE, UK, IRL and JORDAN. Exp UAE.

2. Kurrajong Concorde (YAMAMAH) - an exceptional mare. 2013

September - Winner of the 2013 Open European Championships, 17.5 minutes in front of the 2nd place horse.

February - 7th Open 2013 Presidents Cup Abu Dhabi 160km in 6hrs 21min.


* Ranked 4th in the World Horse Rankings for 2012.

August - Individual Silver & Team Gold for the UAE in the World Championships, Euston Park UK 160km in 7hrs.

June 2012 Euston Park UK - 160km, 1st Open 7hrs 30min.

April 2012 Dubai - 1st Open 160km in 7hrs 56min.


October - Winner of The 2011 Tom Quilty Gold Cup 160km in 10hrs 10min (Australian National Championships).

June - 2nd Open & BC  160km FEI 3* Endurance Festival QLD.

* Kurrajong Concorde has won many rides ranging in distances between 80-160km as well as been awarded the Best Conditioned and the Pat Slater Cup (Tom Quilty).

3. Castlebar Gulfstream - 2012 - The Tom Quilty Gold Cup held in Tasmania - -6th MWT & 9th Overall and was also awarded the Pat Slater Cup. Plus successfully completing many rides in Australia before export.  His progeny are competing extremely successfully in Australia and the UAE.

Exp UAE - Feb 2014, 100km Ladies Race, 2nd Open - 3hrs 18min

F 13 854
Sire – Sakhan
Dam – Kelkette Park Nazrella

Dam of the following:

1. Castlebar Sarcee, successfull Endurance horse in the UAE with Sh. Abdullah bin Faisal Al Qasimi. Sh. Abdullah has also had much success with Castlebar Sobia (Odessa)

2. Castlebar Nova - was a tough endurance mare and has had one foal to date - bay colt by Castlebar Gulfstream in 2013.

3. Castlebar Nimrod -exp UAE - competing successfully overseas including coming 9th - 2013 Presidents Cup 160km in 6hrs 24min

F 9919
Sire – Aethon
Dam –  Tiana

Competed successfully in Endurance including a 5th place with Meg at the first ever FEI 160km  in Australia at “The Islands” in 1993.
The dam of the following:

1. Castlebar Kadeen - individual 4th Young Riders World Championships (Bahrain) 2005 and team gold, also placed in many races in the UAE and the UK in 2006-2013. In 2013 was 8th at the YRWC in Tarbes, France.

2. Castlebar Cruise competing successfully in Saudi Arabia and 3. Castlebar Casmir - sold domestically.

4. Castlebar Conquest - an Open Logbook horse but we have put her back in foal.

PF 22016
Sire – Killibinbin Peregrine
Dam – Safra

Her progeny have performed very well – Castlebar Moleson Gold a winner over 80km, Castlebar Elite competing in the UAE and Castlebar Echo - exported to BHR, Castlebar Extreme - exported in Jan 2010 to start his endurance career & Castlebar Ego - sold domestically into an endurance career.

Castlebar Elodie sold to New Zealand and competing over there.

F 11 232
Sire - Glenallan Nomad
Dam - Wagga Belmay

Her sire Glenallan Nomad won many races over 80 to 160km generally ridden by Jenny Oliver a 3 x National Champion.

Her dam Wagga Belmay by the renowned Delos has produced well for Castlebar – all have been successful Endurance horses.
Lynbrook Tamsin was bred by Jenny Oliver and is the dam of Castlebar Treaty – individual 4th 2002 World Equestrian Games & Castlebar Tempest - 6th overall 2012 Tom Quilty, exported to the UAE 2013.

F 15 905
Sire – Simeon Sa’ar
Dam – Dynasty Tamri

Dam of the following:

1. Castlebar Oslo winner of endurance in Aust (exp UAE).

2. Castlebar Odessa - on the 06.09.09 came 2nd in the 120km World Young Riders Championships in Hungary in 5hrs 15min.  Backed up on the 26.09.09 - 2nd Open in the 160km European Championships in Italy in 8hrs 21min. Winner of numerous rides.

3. Castlebar Optic resident sire at Castlebar who is by Straight Up (dec)- is a Yellow Logbook horse now.

F 2429
Sire – Delos
Dam – Europa

A foundation mare at Castlebar, Wagga Belmay competed in a small number of Snowy Zone Endurance rides.
Dam of the following successful Endurance horses:

Castlebar Balik, Castlebar Cody, Castlebar Shiralee, Castlebar Spiker, Castlebar Nakiska and Castlebar Bella who was her last foal born in 2000. Also the dam of Lynbrook Tamsin (refer mare profile above)


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