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star Castlebar Gulfstream - exp UAEstar

Recently raced in the CEN 100km Ladies Race in Dubai on the 13.02.2014 and came 2nd in 3hrs 18min 01sec.

He completed the final leg of 20km at just under 37 km/hrstar

star ex Castlebar Bella by Castlebar Gulfstreamstar

Bay Filly born - 14.2.2014

star ex Castlebar Bella by Castlebar Gulfstream star

Photo Credit : Lee Narraway Photography

star ex Castlebar Nokia by Castlebar Gulfstream star

Chestnut Filly born - 08.12.2013

star ex Castlebar Abra by

Castlebar Tempest - exp UAEstar

Chestnut Colt born - 19.12.2013

starex Castlebar Mstreaty by Castlebar Gulfstream star

Bay Colt born - 16.09.2013

starex Castlebar Saltbush by Castlebar Gulfstream star

Bay Colt born - 12.12.2013

Photo Credit : Lee Narraway Photography

star ex Aloha Gossip by Castlebar Tempest star

Chestnut Colt born on the 02.01.2014

star ex MG Swift Lassie by Castlebar Gulfstream star

Chestnut Filly born on the 24.08.2013

Photo Credit : Lee Narraway Photography

star ex Castlebar Nokia (left)) by Castlebar Gulfstream Chestnut Filly born - 08.12.2013    &

ex Annabelle by Castlebar Gulfstream (right)

Bay Colt born - 03.01.2014

Both these broodmares are by Straight Up (dec)(Imp UK) star

star ex Castlebar Nova by Castlebar Gulfstream star

Bay Colt born - 29.10.2013

ex Castlebar Turquoise by Castlebar Gulfstream unfortunately he missed out on a photo session.

Born 09.12.2013

(Posted 27.02.2014)





Kristie with Castlebar Gulfstream prior to his departure to the UAE holding Luke Taprell born on the 26th October 2012.


Castlebar Gulfstream and Kristie came 6th MWT (9th Overall) and winner of the Pat Slater Cup at the 2012 Tom Quilty Gold Cup (Luke was part of this combination as he still had 20 weeks to go before hitting the ground!!).


Semen for domestic use only has been retained by Castlebarstar


2012 born - Castlebar foals



Castlebar Royale  x Chip Chase Sadaqa

   Born 10.12.2012   Chestnut Colt

Castlebar Royale (Franklin Rajul x Aloha Yukon) is a half sister, and the foal 3/4 brother to Castlebar Gulfstream (6th MWT Tom Quilty 2012),

Cystal Flyer (2000 Tom Quilty Winner) & Kurrajong Concorde (YAMAMAH) - in April & June 2012 - winner in Dubai then UK (Euston Park) 2 x160km FEI 3*, then continuing on to Individual Silver Medalist & Team Gold at the World Championships, Euston Park UK 2012.

She also placed 7th in The 2013 Presidents Cup (Abu Dhabi) 160km FEI 3* in 6hrs 21min 50sec. She went on to win the Open European Endurance Championships 2013 in CZE. Winner of numerus races over varying distances in Australia and Overseas including the 2011 Tom Quilty Gold Cup.

Once the foal is weaned Castlebar Royale will be starting her endurance careerstar


Allira Park Light Fantastic  x Castlebar Optic

   Born 08.11.2012   Chestnut Filly

Allira Park Light Fantastic (Allira Park Fantasy Lane x Poldark) is the dam of Castlebar Lightning (still successfully competing in the UAE & Europe) & Castlebar Moonlight - Individual Silver Medalist & Team Bronze at the World Championships for Junior & Young Riders held in Abu Dhabi Dec. 2011. She was the winner of numerus rides over varying distances in Australia.

Castlebar Moonlight & Castlebar Optic are both sired by Straight Up (imp UK)(dec). This foal is a 3/4 sister to Castlebar Moonlight and is Light Fantastic's 7th foal to date.  She has been re-joined to Castlebar Opticstar



Kurrajong Sequel  x Castlebar Optic

   Born 20.12.2012   Chestnut Colt

This is Kurrajong Sequel's 5th foal and all have been retained by Castlebar to date. Sequel - completed 4,020 km in competition including many wins over 80-160km.  Won 3 x 160km and 2nd twice. Competed overseas and was a member of the Australian Team that won team Gold at the World Young Riders Championships in Bahrain 2005.

Castlebar Optic is by the imported Arabian race stallion Straight Up out of Shira' mar Obsession. The dam of Tulgar (Nashmi) - World Champion Individual Bronze Medal and Best Conditioned & the dam of Castlebar Odessa (Sobia) - European Championships Individual Silver and World Youth Championships Individual Silver 2009. Castlebar Oslo & Castlebar Omaha are competing overseas with distinction. Castlebar has retained Obsession's last two foals Castlebar Odyssey & Castlebar Oasisstar


Castlebar Orcara  x Castlebar Gulfstream

   Born 04.12.2012   Chestnut Colt

Castlebar Orcara is by Kevisan Park Kentucky Blue. This is a beautiful blend of our bloodlines.


Castlebar Abra  x Castlebar Tempest

   Born 02.11.2012   Chestnut Filly

Castlebar Abra's dam Coolinda Park Alaska is a full sister to Provocative - twice winner of the Open European Championshipsstar


Castlebar Bella x Chip Chase Sadaqa

   Born 03.01.2013   Chestnut Filly

Castlebar Bella is by Straight Up and has completed 9 Open rides, winning the FEI 2* at Cedar Ridge in 2011star

starCASTLEBAR TEXACO (pend)star

Magic Glenn Texacana  x Castlebar Optic

   Born 13.01.2013   Chestnut Colt

Magic Glenn Texacana is by the world renowned Chip Chase Sadaqa out of Barb Timms fantastic endurance mare Texas Rosestar


Castlebar Nokia  x Castlebar Gulfstream

   Born 26.12.2012   Chestnut Filly.

Castlebar Nokia is by Straight Up, so this is a beautiful blend of bloodlines


Aloha Gossip  x Castlebar Optic

   Born 27.11.2012   Chestnut Colt

Aloha Gossip - 1999 FEI World Endurance Horse of the Year. 5th Open European Championships, Spain 1999, 3693 competitive kilometers both in Australia and Overseasstar


Castlebar Taliska  x Castlebar Gulfstream

   Born 20.11.2012  Bay Colt

His full sister Castlebar Truffle has completed many Endurance rides. She placed 3rd in the 3* 160km at Red Range in Nov. 2013 (her first 160), his 3/4 brother Castlebar Tailwind has completed 12 Open rides and attending the FEI 2* at Kilmorestar

starCASTLEBAR filly star

Castlebar Satine  x Castlebar Tempest

   Born 25.11.2012   Chestnut Filly

Satine is closely related to two Quilty winners Liana (ridden by Chris Malone) & Castlebar Macleod (ridden by Meg)star

(Posted 22.02.2013)



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